Speaking and Training Topics

For the past fifteen years Mike has partnered with organizations to create and deliver engaging presentations and customizable workshops to meet their training and development needs. Mike has presented in over 20 different states as well as Puerto Rico and Aruba. His clients have included Blue Cross and Blue Shield of South Carolina, CUNA, Dental Nachos, Expand Expo, Meet AC, NCUMA, US Army, US Census Bureau, and various credit union leagues and individual credit unions.

Contact Mike to discuss your individual needs and how he can be part of your next event.

Presentation Topics

Looking for a dynamic, engaging keynote or breakout session for your next company event or conference? Below are a few of Mike's most populare presentations. Looking for something more specific? Let Mike tailor a presentation specific to your audience.

Titanic Lessons of Leadership

Over 100 years ago, the unsinkable ship did just that. The lessons learned from the fateful voyage of Titanbic can be applied to help your business succeed as well. This presentation will revisit events which directly led to the Titanic disaster, and illustrate how they apply to current day leadership. Key points include leadership responsibilities, reevaluating policies and procedures, acknowledging and confronting obstacles, and open communication. "Using the Titanic tragedy to analogize to institutions is ingenious. Excellent. Engaging!" participant 2015 PCUA Convention.

10 Ir-RUF-utable Paws of Leadership

An innovate approach to employee development - treat them like dogs! In this fun, yet on the mark presentation, managers will learn how they can create a dynamic, successful team at work applying the same principles they would to their family pet. You wouldn't bring home a St. Bernard if you live in a small apartment, then why would you hire a sales professional who is not personable or engaging with your customers. Topics include hiring (choosing the right breed), show them how to sit and stay (training), setting boundaries (know when to use a short leash), respect the old dogs (mentoring)and creating culture (don't forget to let them out to play). Adopted from Mike's book Sit, Stay Succeed! Management Lessons from Man's Best Friends.

Everything I Needed to Know I Learned from Batman

Have you ever felt you needed superhero powers to be successful at work? Everyone could benefit from a mentor. In this fun presentation, employees can learn five key tips for success by following the footsteps of a comic book lesson. 

Hiring the Right Fit

Selecting a new member for the team is one of the most important decisions a manager can make. The right employee can really propell a company towards success, while the wrong employee can result in a big step back. In this session, learn how to hire the right fit employee.

The KIMBA Principle: Decing the Cause of Employee Performance Issues

If you are a manager dealing with employee performance issues, provided additional training that didn't help, and are unsure what to do next, this session is for you! In this presentation, managers will learn the five distinct variables which lead to employee performance issues, and how to put employees on the track to reaching their goals.

Lead Where You Stand

John Maxwell says "everything rises and falls on leadership." Discover the traits and characteristics of highly effective leaders, understand the concept of behavioral conditioning at work, how proactive and reactive thinking affects employees' actions, and how much control the leader really has over everything that happens in the workplace.

Training Workshops

Whether your company lacks a structured training program, resources to create and deliver new content, or is in need of an outside expert to validate what your dynamic team is already training, Mike can help. As VP Training & Development for one of the largest credit unions in Pennsylvania, Mike researched, created, and facilitated two dozen classes which improved sales, better prepared employees for leadership positions, increased retention and engagement, and developed better educated employees to assist members attain their financial goals. Now, he is ready to help meet your employee training and development initiatives.

All courses are customized to align with your company's needs, culture, standards, and expectations. Mike can deliver half-day, full-day, or two-day workshops onsite to your employees. He can also spend an additional day onsite conducting a train-the-trainer to allow your team to continue delivering the workshop to your employees.

Topics include career pathing, coaching, communication, dealing with difficult people, disciplinary actions, employee development, financial topics, hiring the right fit, leadership, presentation skills, sales, and more.