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Have you ever tried to play with a basketball that wasn’t fully inflated? It doesn’t perform the way it was intended. The ball won’t bounce properly when you dribble it. The ball won’t rebound off the backboard, allowing you another opportunity to score off a missed shot. It will lack the velocity and voyage necessary to travel the distance required to make a three-point shot. To put it bluntly, a basketball that has been under-inflated will underperform and disappoint.

The same holds true for people. When an individual is under-inflated, he or she is not living up to their fullest potential.

I am passionate about educating, developing, and inspiring individuals to reach their personal best through multiple channels:


Speaking: Motivational and fun keynote and breakout sessions are available on topics such as leadership, sales, coaching, and personal development.

Training: Engaging workshops are available on the same speaking topics. Each workshop can be customized to ensure the information is aligned with the culture or your organization. I believe employees are every companies' greatest asset, and training needs are not "one size fits all." Let us partner to create a course tailored specifically for your company. We will provide you the material and train you on how to deliver it to your employees after the initial training workshop was conducted.  

Consulting: Assisting companies to complete projects on HR/Training topics. Whether you are in need of the resources or are looking for an outside perspective, we will work with key employees at your company to create or change job descriptions, performance appraisals, hiring practices and testing, career path initiatives, employee orientation and on-boarding, new hire training,leadership development programs, intranet design and content, strategic planning, employee meetings, and more.

Personal Coaching: Overcome obstacles through a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires individuals to improve their outlook on work and life, and maximize their potential.



Some of the companies who have partnered with us in the past include the following:


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