Don't Let "It" Sabotage Your Goals

The most popular scary movie franchise of the last ten years is based on the Stephen King’s thriller “It”. The movies revolve around a monster who feeds on the fears, doubts, and hopelessness of individuals. While many people associate It with a clown, the monster is actually faceless, morphing into whatever fear or insecurity someone is facing. (More)

Fly Like an Eagle

Some of us choose to live like a kite, and others like an eagle. Who doesn’t like the sight of a beautiful kite on a nice breezy day at the beach or the park? Kites glide effortlessly across the sky; they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, so it’s easy to relate to them. However, a kite’s movements are reactive, not proactive. It relies on the elements around it in order to take action. (More)

Providing Effective Feedback

One of the most stressful part of a manager’s responsibilities is providing feedback to employees who are underperforming or doing something incorrectly. Some managers use the sandwich approach to offer feedback: tell them the negative, sandwiched between something nice. In my experience, the problem with  (more)

Keep Your Ship Afloat

A ship sinks, not because of the amount of water around it, but due to the amount of water it lets into it.

We have influencers all around us. Whether it is the people we engage with, the talking heads on cable news, or those who pop up on social media. Unfortunately, all are not positive. It seems over the last few (more

Success Tips from Batman

Over the past eight decades since he first appeared in a DC Comic, Batman has appeared in comics, television, movies, toys, games, apparel and more.

Batman also serves as an important role model in the workplace. I initially surmised he could be a role model for everything you needed to know at work as a (more

How Focus Affects Your Goals

John Wooden was arguably the most successful college basketball coach of all time. As head coach at UCLA, his teams won an incredible ten NCAA championships over a twelve-year period, including seven in a row from 1967-1973.

One of the most amazing facets of Wooden’s coaching was how little (more)

Shark or Goldfish

Life is full of change and challenges. Oftentimes we find ourselves in an unfavorable situation. Perhaps we couldn't control what was going to happen. Maybe we had control, but did nothing about it. Either way we find ourselves in a situation to which we don't want to be, and have a decision to make. We can either choose to be a shark or a goldfish. (more

Put On your Own Oxygen Mask

f you ever fly on an airplane, you will hear the flight attendants review the safety measures right before takeoff. “If the cabin loses pressure, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling” they will advise. “Put your own mask on first before assisting others.”

For some of us, the idea of putting ourselves first is counterintuitive to what we (more