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Sally was just informed the bank she has worked at for a number of years is instituting a new sales culture. Like many of her colleagues, Sally is worried about the change. She took pride in providing high quality service to her customers. She always considered sales to be about pushing products and forcing customers to buy something they really don't want or need. That's when Sally met Dave, a sales coach, who helped her discover how sales and service are actually one and the same. By learning Dave's 10 rules for sales, Sally discovered an interesting fact about herself - she has been selling for years.

Whether you work in a bank or boutique, sales is part of most every person's job. The Sales Coach can help you reach your sales goals through needs-based selling, and feel good about doing so! Accompany The Sales Coach on the journey to learn how to: Determine the drivers behind your customers' purchasing decisions. Uncover your customers' hidden needs. Reduce customer rejection. Discover what your customer cares about most. Achieve your sales goals without sacrificing your values.