Maverick Success Overcoming Obstacles

Top Gun: Maverick surpassed $800 million in world-wide ticket sales this past week. For star Tom Cruise, it is the highest grossing movie in his illustrious career, spanning five decades and producing such hits as Mission Impossible, Jerry McGuire, and A Few Good Men. Even though Cruise tasted success at a young age, with hits like The Outsiders and Risky Business while still in his teens, he had to battle many obstacles growing up. 

I mentioned Tom Cruise’s beginning in my book Fully Inflated: Regain Your Bounce in Life, in the chapter discussing self-limiting beliefs. Cruise grew up in poverty, with a father who often beat him and his three sisters. He had difficulty meeting people, making friends, and adjusting. This can likely be attributed to his family being frequently on the move. By the time he graduated, Cruise would have attended 14 different schools.

This is just one example of an individual who faced adversity growing up and didn’t allow that to restrict what he was capable of achieving. One of the main reasons why some people succeed while others struggle is belief. You will constantly encounter both challenges and opportunities in life. Success requires you to believe in yourself. You will often come across doors that lead to success. You must have the courage to walk through them when they open, and the strength to push back when you feel they are closing on you. What tends to hold us back is not our actual ability to accomplish something, but our beliefs in those abilities.

I often talk about fear and faith in my presentations. While they are polar opposites, they have much in common. Fear and faith both have to do with future events that have yet to happen, and how you perceive the outcome of those events to occur. Fear is the negative outcome; you are afraid of heights because you are fearful you may fall. Faith is the positive income; you have faith that if you change jobs the new job will put you in a better situation than your current job. 

Success requires you to push back the gremlin of self-limiting beliefs and focus on what you can accomplish, rather than get stifled with fear of what will go wrong.  Faith is what allows you to enter the danger zone and come out the other side a better person for it. Cue Kenny Loggins, take the ride, you got this!

Posted 24 weeks ago