Keep Your Ship Afloat

A ship sinks, not because of the amount of water around it, but due to the amount of water it lets into it.

We have influencers all around us. Whether it is the people we engage with, the talking heads on cable news, or those who pop up on social media. Unfortunately, all are not positive. It seems over the last few years the outside influencers have become even more negative, beating us down, souring our mood, and leaving us feeling a little deflated. The key is to build an impermeable wall to block those influencers and keep them from getting inside.

In his bestselling book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr. Stephen Covey says we are “a result of our decisions, not conditions.” While there are influencers all around us, it is ultimately our decision on how we will allow them to impact us. Nothing can make you feel sad, mad, upset, frustrated, etc. unless you allow it. In Ireland, people don’t define themselves with a negative emotion. Instead of saying “I am sad” the Irish will say “sadness is upon me.” They do not become the emotion. Rather it is more like a rain coat they will shortly shake off and remove.

Keep the negative influencers outside, and don’t let them come in and cause your ship to start sinking. That’s the secret to keeping your ship afloat, and embarking on a great journey to achieving your personal best.

Posted 34 weeks ago