Trick or Treat - Employee Development

I was recently talking with a Human Resources manager for a company with about 150 employees. She said their company didn’t have a structured training or onboarding program for their employees.

Now that’s scary.

Developing your employees is the most important thing you can do for them, your clients, and organization. Your employees should be your organization’s greatest asset. Consider your house. For most individuals, their house is their greatest asset. Do you take time to care for the house, clean it, and cut the lawn? Do you fix handle maintenance issues when they come up, or better yet, do you perform routine maintenance to avoid bigger problems? Do you wait for a leak to think about tending to the roof, or do you inspect it and care for it on a regular basis?  

For most of you, your employees are the face of your organization. The way they engage with your customers, members, and clients will determine the success of your company. Some managers worry about investing the time, energy, and resources on employees who may end up leaving their company. To me, they should be worried about not investing in employees, and having them stay!

This Halloween, employee development offers the ultimate trick or treat for your organization. Poor employee development will trick you into thinking your employees will perform as expected and improve on their own. Dedication to employee development will treat your employees to the resources they need to reach their fullest potential, and treat your organization to reaching your goals and continued success.

Posted 214 weeks ago