Independence Day Lesson About Goals and Sacrifice

242 years ago, 56 men left their families and gathered in a steamy hall in Philadelphia. There, they committed to the boldest statement ever recorded. They knew they were embarking on a worthy cause, and also knew they would face obstacles along the way. They knew they would experience great sacrifice, as no worthy goal is accomplished without dealing with sacrifice along the way. 

John Maxwell’s Law of Sacrifice states “in order to go up, you need to be willing to give up.” Every person who has achieved any type of success in life has made sacrifices along the way. We are faced with limited time and resources. Regardless of whether your goal is to advance at work, improve your health, or increase your bank account, you will be faced with having to give something up in order to go up.

As a trainer, consultant, and success coach, I work with individuals every day to be reach their fullest potential. While I provide individuals with the tools and resources required for success, it is  be successful. It is up to them to use those resources to make a positive impact on their life. I routinely talk with people who wish they developed their skills, made more money, or got in better shape, but were unwilling to make sacrifices necessary to obtain those goals. You cannot get promoted at work unless you sacrifice the time and energy to learn and develop new and existing skills. You will not be able to lose weight unless you are willing to sacrifice some of the food you eat, and increase your exercise. You cannot increase your bank account without sacrificing some of your discretionary spending, and depositing that money into your account.

What are your dreams and goals? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve them? The bigger the goal, the bigger the sacrifice. We find that truth to be self-evident.

Posted 238 weeks ago